The SaaS platform for Safety & Security related businesses

The only platform offering a unique turn key [SaaS] solution connecting to any device or source accelerating your information based business. FindWhere processes critical information enabling Security, Lone Worker, Asset, Incident Management and IoT, related businesses in real time with crucial information.

Vehicle Diagnostics

Offering the most advanced On Board Diagnostics (OBDII) solution for fleet management, driver safety and tracking in a simple plug-and-play solution. From fleet recovery to driver ID features, FindWhere's fleet and driver management platform is the right solution for best in class fleet management.

Lone Worker Monitoring

FindWhere's applications are fully compliant with the UK standard for Lone working BS8484, servicing your organization with a quality solution for your connected Lone Workers globally. FindWhere technology is already integrated with controlroom software worldwide. Simply connect to yours!


Safety First! Is a web based monitoring system securing availability of first responders, critical security procedures and QHSE incident management registration. Ensuring a safe work environment bringing management information and detailed insight in your incident protocol management.

We connect things..

Connect and ensure 24/7 visibility to what matters most. FindWhere monitors safety of your connected Lone workers, performance, diagnostics and location of Assets, QHSE and IoT. Securing the quality of your day2day operations.

Location & Information Based

FindWhere's Hybrid Location technology supports, GPS|Wi-Fi|Cell|iBeacon|LoRa based

Business Intelligence

Multi layer platform supporting a diversity of verticals. Fleet, Lone worker, QHSE, IoT

Scalable PaaS

Truly scale your business globally on one single environment. Multi tenant, Multi lingual.

Partner Network

Join a global partner network expanding your reach, stay on top of the latest technology.

Scalable & Affordable

100, 10.000, 100.000? Helping you to size your business is what triggers us. We even reward you for it!

BHV/QHSE Risk Management

Incident management platform, controlling your risks securing your day to day operations.

ISO 9001/27001 Certified

We are ISO Certified providing a quality end to end solution your business can depend on. Sleep tight (-_-)


Empower your existing software with our REST API. Already have your own? Our team happily connects to yours.

  • API Integration Plan
  • 3 Monthly
  • Free API Setup
    FDA Administrator Access
    Lone worker Apps | Devices supported

  • Business Plan
  • 4 Monthly
  • API Integration Plan
    Private customer tracking portal
    FDA Administrator Access
    Private Label option
    Lone worker Apps & Devices supported

  • Corporate Plan
  • 2 Monthly
  • Starting at +2000 connections
    All API Integration Plan features included
    Private customer tracking portal included
    FDA Administrator Access
    Private Label option
    Lone worker Apps | Devices supported

Accelerate your Business today

Learn more about how FindWhere can accelerate your already existing business or help to efficiently jump start your own business without any hassle using FindWhere’s Plug&Play technology.